6 Tips for Healthy Aging

When it comes to a woman’s life, talking about aging and growing older seems taboo. Well, we think that’s crazy!

There are plenty of options to help you stay healthy as you age, and that’s nothing to be quiet about. And because September is Healthy Aging Month, we’ve gathered up some tips to help you feel fit, beautiful, and active as you age.

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

According to Healthy Aging Magazine, “Healthy Aging Month” has been celebrated in September for more than 20 years. The month was created in order to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older, and to help bring inspiration on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we age.

Here are 6 tips that we’ve put together to give you some ideas on staying healthy, and aging healthy!

1. Get Some Exercise

This one might seem obvious, but all-too-often we see exercise put on the back-burner. It might feel like a pain to schedule, but getting regular exercise is well worth your time and effort!

The good news is, you don’t have to go all in with a strict regimen and personal trainer.  Getting up and walking just 15 minutes a day or starting your morning with some simple stretches can go a long way. Try joining a yoga class to build core strength and give your mind a break.

Exercise doesn’t only help your body feel better as you age, it can also clear your mind.

2. Start a New Hobby

While keeping your body moving is important, you can’t forget about your mind! Spending too much time sitting idly by can be harmful to your health, so try taking a cooking class or picking up an instrument.

Keeping your mind active can provide inspiration for other aspects of your life, and help you meet new people. If you’re thinking a new hobby isn’t for you, try volunteering for any number of groups in your community.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a beginner’s drawing class or helping out an animal shelter, just getting out of the house and being active can really give your mind and body the boost it needs.

3. Remove Negativity from Your Life

Keeping a positive attitude can help you to maintain happiness and mental health as you move forward in life. Taking stock of the negative influences in your life and getting rid of them is one way to make that happen. Being surrounded by negativity not only takes a toll on your attitude, but it drains your energy too.

So, do things that make you happy! Whatever that means for you, keeping yourself feeling positive can go a long way for good health.

4. Make Time for Friends and Family

While everyone needs alone time to relax and decompress, spending time with friends and family is important.  For widows or divorcees who live alone, it’s key to plan social activities into your week.  Try going out to dinner or doing other activities with someone different each week, joining a book club or scheduling regular video calls with children or grandchildren who live far away.

Interacting with real people has a positive impact on your health.

5. Be Confident

You’ve probably all heard the phrase “fake it ’til you make it.” Well, that can actually be helpful sometimes! Walking tall and smiling can contribute to a happy state of mind, even if your mind isn’t feeling too happy, to begin with. (Walking tall could even help you look a few years younger!)

6. Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is the best way to keep yourself healthy as you age. Make regular check-ups with your health care providers, take prescribed medicine as directed, and eat a healthful diet. If you’re concerned about how you’re feeling or have a medical concern, don’t put it off for another day.  Many conditions related to aging are best resolved when identified and treated early.