What has been overlooked is that Folic Acid is essential for cervical health.

Folic Acid—What is it?

Folic Acid, also called Folate, is a B-vitamin, B-9 to be exact, but it is not called a B-vitamin; you will find it as Folic Acid for Folate.

One of the properties of Folic Acid is that it protects the cells against changes to the DNA and RNA that could cause cancer. Areas of the body that replicate cells often are at a higher risk for the development of cancer; when a cell replicates, it duplicates the genetic code of one cell then makes two. Cancer occurs when this duplication process does not go right. Cells are supposed to make an exact copy of itself; cancer occurs when the cells do not make an exact duplicate.

Folic Acid ensures that the duplication process is exact.  One of the areas where there is a high turnover of cells is the cervix. As a note, the intestines are also a site of rapid cell turnover; a deficiency in Folate can lead to inflammatory bowel conditions—commonly found in those with Cervical Dysplasia.

Although the Centers for Disease Control feel the Human Papillomavirus is the leading cause of cervical cancer (and hence created the HPV Vaccine), incidences of Cervical Dysplasia has not decreased in those who have Folate deficiency even with the vaccine (Cohen, 2011); this was confirmed in a 2009 study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention (Flatley, 2009