What Is Pellet Hormone Therapy?

What can you do to maintain and regain your health, vitality, and longevity How can you enhance your relationship and intimacy? What can you do to actually age healthier and live happier? We’ve got an answer: hormone pellet therapy.

If a change in hormone levels is the root of the cause of feeling lousy, then it makes sense to attack the problem at its source. Let us help you gain that knowledge by analyzing hormone labs for you.

How Hormone Pellet Therapy Works

As you may know, all of us women age differently, and bio-identical hormone pellet therapy has become a time-tested treatment since the 1930s. By assessing your hormone blood work allows your health care provider to individualize your hormone optimization.

 Bio-identical hormone pellets are plant-based, more specifically they are made from wild yams. The plant-based estradiol and testosterone is converted to a powder and then compressed into pellets smaller than a grain of rice. The pellets deliver consistent healthy levels of hormones for 3-4 months in women.  

Their absorption has been repeatedly tested and it’s extremely predictable. The pellets are inserted into the fat of the buttocks during a short office procedure with a local anesthetic. 

Although presently our office doesn’t insert pellets on-site, we can help you figure out if you are a good candidate to use them and direct you to the appropriate clinic for placement. Contact us today to learn more about your options for hormone pellet therapy.